A third review of Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education

I just found a third review of Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education, this one written by Kasper A. Sørensen in a German educational science journal of the name Erziehungswissenschaftliche Revue. Also a thorough and critical review emphasizing both the qualities of the book as the threads that would have needed to be developed. https://www.klinkhardt.de/ewr/978036751505.html

Some favorite quotes:

”A strength of the book is its integration of policy analyses and pedagogical-philosophical conceptual work. The policy analysis is at its best in chapter 2 when the authors analyse the effects of specific EU-documents from the Bologna process on teaching and learning”

”They brilliantly show how the pedagogical role of the university – what it wants with/for its subjects – has withered in higher education and thus needs to be re-claimed and re-formulated.”

”In conclusion, “Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education” is a timely book that brilliantly adds a Critical Didaktik -perspective to a field where profound pedagogical considerations have been overtaken by worries about how to effectively implement policy agendas”

And finally:
”Well-written and conceptually stimulating, the book provides valuable food-for-thought-and-action for teacher-researchers in higher education and everyone working with university pedagogy.”

The book is currently available as both hardback and E-book at a 25% discount here: bit.ly/3HY6B9n
As always, I suggest asking your nearest University library to get a copy so that it an be made available to more readers.

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