Här nedanför hittar du länkar och information om böcker jag varit med och författat.

Below you will find links and information to books I’ve authored and co-authored.

Please note that Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education should be available at your nearest University library. If it is not, please ask your library to purchase a copy, an e-book at a library will make the book accessible to more readers, and of course, that is always the ambition. My Ph.D. thesis, Traditions and Challenges, is available open access online, as is the peer reviewed project report “Speciella yrken” (see links below).

Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education (2022)

Magnússon, G. & Rytzler, J. (2022). Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education. The Bologna Process, Didaktik, and Teaching. London/New York: Routledge

Cover: Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education. The Bologna Process, Didaktik, and Teaching

Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education illustrates how international policy shifts, primarily the Bologna-process, have affected debates around both the purpose and organization of higher education at different levels.

This book formulates a theory of teaching in higher education that is grounded in educational theory, contributing to a critical perspective on current ideal forms of higher education and a deeper understanding of the pedagogical role of the university. It illustrates how international policies affect conceptualizations of the purpose of higher education and critically examines the pedagogy of higher education in order to develop a comprehensive educational theory for teaching in higher education. The book illustrates the consequences of discursive ideals of education on teaching practices and provides a theoretical framework for new thinking on higher education.

Offering a unique contribution that combines policy analyses, curriculum theory, and educational theory, this book will appeal to academics, scholars, and postgraduate students in the field of higher education research and teaching, educational theory, and educational policy.

Note: Currently, the e-book version of Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education is available at a more accessible price than the hardback. A paperback version will be released in the autumn of 2023 at a more reasonable price.

Traditions and Challenges (Ph.D. thesis)

Magnússon, G. (2015). Traditions and Challenges: Special Support in Swedish Independent Compulsory Schools. Västerås: Mälardalen University. Open access PDF link here

Cover: Traditions and Challenges. Special support in Swedish Independent Compulsory Schools

This thesis has two overarching aims. The first is to generate further knowledge about Swedish independent schools, specifically regarding the organisation and provision of special support and how these relate to special educational traditions and inclusive education. This was conducted through four empirical studies, utilising data gathered in two total population survey studies.

The second overarching aim of the thesis is to further develop the discussions initiated in the articles about how special education and inclusive education can be understood in light of the education reforms that introduced the independent schools. A critical theoretical analysis and contextualization of the empirical results from the articles is conducted to explain and describe the consequences of the new (market) education paradigm.

Results show that, generally, the independent schools have not challenged special educational traditions to a significant degree. Rather, traditional conceptions, explanations and organisational measures are reproduced, and in some cases enhanced, by market mechanisms. However, there are great differences between the different types of schools with regard to both their perspectives on special education and their organisational approaches. There are also indications that the principle of choice is limited for this pupil group as compared to some other groups. Additionally, the increasing clustering of pupils in need of special support at certain schools replicates a system with special schools. In this case, market mechanisms are contributing to a system that is in contradiction to the idea of an inclusive school system.

Speciella yrken? (Peer reviewed project report)

Göransson, K., Lindqvist, G., Klang, N., Magnússon, G., & Nilholm, C. (2015). Speciella yrken? : Specialpedagogers och speciallärares arbete och utbildning. Karlstad universitet: Karlstad.

Forskningsprojektet ”Speciella yrken? Ett projekt om speciallärares och specialpedagogers arbete och utbildning” är finansierat av Vetenskapsrådet. I den här rapporten redovisas resultat från delprojekt 1.

Syftet med rapporten är att ge en övergripande och representativ bild av specialpedagogers och speciallärares yrkesroll. Det empiriska materialet utgörs av data från en enkätundersökning som omfattar alla som tagit specialpedagog- eller speciallärarexamen från och med 2001 års examensordning (4252 personer, svarsfrekvens 75%). I rapporten redovisas vilka kunskaper och värderingar yrkesgrupperna bedömer att deras utbildning har resulterat i, vilka arbetsuppgifter de menar kännetecknar deras praktiserande av yrkesrollen, och även vilka förutsättningar yrkesgrupperna har att hävda en specifik expertis vad gäller att identifiera och arbeta med skolproblem. Rapporten riktar sig i främsta hand till praktiskt verksamma inom skolverksamheten på olika nivåer, lärarutbildare och blivande specialpedagoger och speciallärare.


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