First review of Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education!

The first review (that we know of) of our book Towards a Pedagogy of Higher Education has been published. It is quite positive, here are a few quotes from the review:

Gunnlaugur Magnússon and Johannes Rytzler combine the multiple perspectives of curriculum theory, policy analyses and pedagogical philosophy and explore an education-oriented theory of teaching, presenting a thought-provoking attempt which inspires new rethinking on higher education pedagogy.


Overall, the book offers a comprehensive and multifaceted discussion of pedagogy in the context of higher education. It highlights the context of higher education with its more diverse and complex organisational structures, hence pointing out the necessity of discussing higher education pedagogy for its own sake.

And finally, my favorite part is the final sentence:

Profoundly theoretical, the book brings far-reaching insights into teaching
in higher education and provides useful guidance for higher education teachers, administrators and policymakers to make innovations in teaching and learning

As Larry David would say: “Pretty, pretty, pretty good”.

Here is a link to the review in Innovations in Education and Teaching International (59/6).

And here is a link to the book. As usual, I hope you can ask your university library to get a copy as it would make the book accessible to more readers – it is unfortunately very expensive, but an E-book is available at a more reasonable price.

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